• Phyllis Camper

Thankful Beauty

I'm thankful each and every day. For the beauty that I find in everything. The beauty of Fall is amazing, the turning of the leaves, the outdoor scenery, the change in the weather. It all beautifully works together!

I also love watching how we adapt to the changes going on around us. Watching my neighbors' kids at play, they run a little faster because it's a little colder now. I totally get it, LOL! And even the dogs and their owners have a swifter glide in their strides.

With all this, be thankful and thoughtful of the skin we're in.

Take time daily to cleanse and moisturize.

Not just our faces, our entire bodies need moisture.

Order your Enriched Body Cream and your facial moisturizer today.

As the weather turns colder, keep your skin well moisturized.

Take Care!

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