• Phyllis Camper

Skincare - KISL

Hello Ladies!

I hope all of you are maintaining your skincare routines faithfully while you're staying safe but if you're not, let's review some basics.

We want to Keep It Simple Ladies.

  1. Cleansing - very important to do morning and night. Regular cleansing keeps your skin (our body's largest organ) open and removes dirt, oil, etc.

  2. Weekly Mask Routine - At least once or twice a week, treat your face to a mask application. Apply mask, wait 5 to 10 minutes then remove with a cloth and warm water. Remove traces with toner then apply moisturizer.

Our skin thrives with proper cleansers so I have skincare sets for dry/normal and oily skin.

For the bath, I offer an excellent Bath & Shower Gel. Afterwards moisturize with the Silk & Velvet Lotion. For extra dry areas, use the Enriched Body Cream.

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