• Phyllis Camper

New Arrivals - Customized Sets

Hello beautiful people! I have been inspired to create two new sets that you can purchase from the site. The first set is the Revitalizing Set. I put this together after one particularly trying day and I used these products to cleanse, de-stress and treat my skin to velvety smoothness and refreshing my feet.

Nothing soothes these ruffled feathers better than taking care of my skin . . . especially when my feet feel rejuvenated too!

On another occasion, I had a super busy day and my body was tired and dry after being outdoors all day. I knew I needed moisture, more than 8 glasses of water, my skin needed rehydrating externally

So this duo of the Moisture Bath Set was born. Using the luxurious lathering Bath & Shower Gel with the Enriched Body Cream is just what the Doctor ordered!

Try both sets, in the Body Essentials link on the site.

Stay blessed and safe!

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